Sound Insulation Testing

SES is UKAS accredited to undertake Sound Insulation Testing and can provide free sound testing programmes tailored specifically to your project/development at proposal stage.








If you have been asked for a sound test by Building Control and don’t really know what this involves or simply want a better view on the sound testing procedures, this section should enlighten you on the topic.


What is Sound Insulation Testing?

Sound insulation testing is a method of measuring and quantifying the amount of noise reduction achieved between different attached dwellings. When a new construction, or the conversion of an old construction results in two adjoining dwellings being separated by party elements (wall or floor), it is a Building Regulations requirement for this or these elements to be tested in terms of their sound insulation performance.

Do you require a Sound Insulation Test?

Under Approved Guidance Document E 2003, Sound Insulation Tests will be necessary if you have or intend to:

  • Building a New Build development of 2 or more dwellings / Flats
  • Conversion of a single dwelling into Flats
  • Residential buildings such as a Nursing Home or Hotel
  • Not building under Robust Details
  • The numbers of tests that will be required will depend on the number and configuration of the dwellings involved. Under Approved Guidance Document E 2003, if you have registered and built new build dwellings under Robust Details, then you should not need to carry out testing as long as you have followed their procedures.

The diagram below demonstrates Sound Insulation testing carried out in typical circumstances:

Why choose SES for Sound Insulation Testing?

  • UKAS Accredited
  • Time efficient site testing – minimum disruption
  • Same day results – avoid handover delays
  • Comprehensive report within 10 days
  • Experimental investigation
  • Liaison with your Building Control Officer, insurance body, or client
  • Free sound testing programmes designed specifically for your project at proposal stage
  • Compliance with Approved Document E 2003 of the Building Regulations 2000

Want to find out more?

For more information on Sound Insulation Testing requirements, have a look at: