Face Fit Testing

Do you wear RPE during your daily work routine?

Is your mask protecting you?

Where RPE is used, it must be able to provide adequate protection for individual wearers. RPE can’t protect the wearer if it leaks.

A major cause of leaks is a poor fit. Tight fitting face pieces NEED to fit the wearer’s face to be effective.

See HSE Safety Guidance HSG 53

If you are considering RPE with a tight-fitting face piece, you should make sure that each wearer undergoes a fit test.  Remember, people come in different shapes and sizes, so facial difference will mean that one kind of RPE is unlikely to fit all.  If the RPE does not fit, it will NOT protect the wearer.

Delegates should attend with the type of mask normally supplied by your employer.

Course Duration

20 minutes per person


Certificate outlining type of mask tested awarded to delegates who pass the testing.


£25 per person (+VAT)






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