SBEM Calculations

When do I need an SBEM Calculation?

The SBEM Calculation is used to calculate the energy performance for commercial premises, including: offices; warehouses; retail outlets; hotels and pubs; care homes; community buildings.

SBEM calculations are required in order to show compliance with Building Regulations Part L2 when you are building, refurbishing or extending any commercial premises over 50m². An SBEM calculation generates an SBEM report certificate if this shows that Building Emission Rate (BER) is lower than the Target Emission Rate (TER) then the development passes Building Regulations Part L2.

Following the SBEM calculations a BRUKL Report is produced  which shows the energy efficiency rating for the building and any recommendations on improving the buildings energy efficiency.


What does a SBEM Calculation provide?

This calculation provides a carbon footprint of the proposed building (and is required by Building Regulations Part L).  It indicates the energy cost and carbon emissions generated at the design stage of a project.

Often during construction developments evolve from the  ‘As Design calculations’ so in liaison with the architect, developer or client we can ensure that the construction complies with the latest regulations. It is essential to engage with an accredited consultant before finalizing the design.


Do I also need an EPC?

Yes, once the construction has been completed and all works have been carried out as per the SBEM specifications, an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) is produced from SBEM calculations.  We produce your EPC for free when undertaking your SBEM calculations. An EPC is required by law when a commercial or residential property is sold, rented or leased.

The EPC shows an A to G energy performance rating for the building and is required for all buildings that are to be rented or sold.


How we can help you:

Our qualified assessors will guide and offer advice to you during Design stage through to As Built stage to ensure you meet compliance with Building Regulations ADL2. We will review your plans and specifications, make recommendations, and ensure we work with you to meet your deadlines.  We will also produce your Energy Performance Certificates for free.

If you do not have any scaled drawings, one of our qualified assessors will be happy to visit on-site, take appropriate measurements and prepare your SBEM Calculations for submission to building control, in accordance with Part L2A and L2B of the Building Regulations.