You will need a SAP Calculation & EPC!

SAP Calculations and EPC’s (Energy Performance Certificates) SES have Elmhurst Accredited SAP Assessors who can carry out SAP Calculations for compliance with Part L1A & L1B of the Building Regulations. We can help you achieve your SAP certification by offering advice, recommendations and action at all stages of the process. Part L of the Buildings Regulations requires that all residential developments must conform to specific target requirements on energy efficiency & CO2 emissions. SAP is the method of measuring the energy efficiency of new-build residential buildings. It involves the use of a ‘notional’ model to evaluate new-build projects to produce a Target Emissions Rating (TER) in line with Part L of the Building Regulations.

SAP takes into consideration
– Building materials
– Insulation values
– Thermal Bridging
– Ventilation
– Air Tightness
– Heating and lighting
– Renewable energy technology

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