Contaminated Land Phase II – Intrusive Investigation

SES are experienced in Contaminated Land Phase II - Intrusive Investigation. A Phase II contaminated land assessment is required where the conceptual model developed during the Phase I Desktop study identifies areas of high risk that cannot be mitigated, or where further information is required (i.e. where a risk of soil or groundwater contamination exists). These investigations involve intrusive sampling of the soil and groundwater and sometimes soil gas.

A Phase II Intrusive Investigation could include some or all of the following:

  • Digging trial pits/drilling of boreholes, logging of appearance and nature of materials from the boreholes, and testing of samples for analysis;
  • Analysis of samples for substances and materials as indicated by the findings of the Phase 1 Desktop study;
  • Gas monitoring if the requirement is indicated by the Phase 1 Desktop study;
  • Evaluation of the data collected from the site investigation, sampling and measurement exercise to determine whether there is contamination, and what potential there is for harm to be caused to or by the development;
  • Preparation of a report detailing the methods and findings of the study and containing recommendations for remediation measures as appropriate.

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