Contaminated Land Phase I – Desktop Study

Stansted Environmental Services Contaminated Land Phase I – Desktop Study reports are designed to be the most cost effective solution for planning conditions. Each report is individually prepared by one of our highly competent consultants experienced in dealing with Contaminated Land conditions and working with Local Authorities.

A Phase I Contaminated Land study is required to obtain a good understanding of a site’s history, its setting and its potential to be affected by contamination. A Phase 1 comprises a desktop study, a site walkover survey and conceptual site model.

The study will include;

  • A site reconnaissance or walkover
  • A physical site description including geology, hydrogeology, etc.
  • The expected condition of soil and vegetation.
  • A review of current and historical maps.
  • Comments on previous, present and proposed uses of the site and the direct vicinity.
  • Comments on previous agricultural processes carried out at the site (if any).
  • Details of any waste disposal practices.
  • Details of spillage or pollution incidents.
  • An appreciation of the potential receptors on and outside the site.

Written to support;

  • House builders and developers
  • Property professionals such as architects, planning consultants and land agents
  • Lawyers and solicitors
  • Lenders, banks or mortgage providers

Why it is required:

  • Validating planning applications
  • To meet planning conditions
  • For the purchase of land and property
  • For the sale or divestment of land
  • Due diligence
  • Lending, mortgages, and pension funds

Where the conceptual model identifies areas of high risk that cannot be mitigated, or further information is required this will be highlighted and will form the scope of a Phase II Intrusive investigation.

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