Code for Sustainable Homes Assessments (CSH)

SES are experienced in undertaking Code for Sustainable Homes Assessments (CSH) on a wide range of projects and also in providing clear and timely advice to assist in achieving required Code targets for both private and social housing developments

The Code for Sustainable Homes was introduced to drive a step-change in sustainable home building practice. Since 27th March 2015 Code can no longer be stipulated as a planning condition, however is still required on legacy cases prior to this date and is often used by Housing Associations or as a voluntary nationally recognised quality mark.

Code is a rating system for the environmental sustainability of new housing major refurbishments. Homes are assessed against nine key criteria, and awarded a score ranging from Level 1 (basic) to Level 6 (exemplary).

The criteria categories are:

  • Energy and CO2
  • Water
  • Pollution
  • Surface Water Run Off
  • Materials
  • Waste
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Management
  • Ecology

Categories and weighting

Categories and weighting by their environmental impact and this factor is taken into account when the credits-to-points conversion is made. Below is a summary of categories in order of environmental weighting.

Code Assessments Essex

Achieving Sustainability

A home can achieve a sustainability rating from one to six starts depending on the extent to which is has achieved Code standards. One star is the entry level – above the level of the Building Regulations; and six stars is the highest level – reflecting exemplary development is sustainability terms.

Our Code assessors will conduct initial design stage assessments, recommend a rating, and issue an interim Code certificate. A post-completion check to verify the rating is required before a final Code certificate of compliance is issued.

Air Tightness Testing & SAP calculations are an important part of the Code for Sustainable Homes and therefore SES are ideally placed to provide forward thinking builders, developers and architects with a full environmental service.

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